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Written by: Greg Colegrove, SMD Network coach, ACC Level 2

His Journey

About a year and a half ago, I began a journey that has been so beneficial, both to my life and many others. Allow me to briefly share my journey:

I have had the privilege of pastoring for over 25 years and being a part of Rural Compassion for almost 5 years. If there has been one thing I have dreaded the most in my 30 years of ministry it has been my weak attempts at counseling. Oh, don’t get me wrong-it didn’t start out that way. When I was young in ministry, I thought I could fix everybody! Yes, I was naïve and full of the Messiah complex! Then reality set in and over the next 29 years or so, all I wanted to do was “refer” people to go get the help they needed. If my preaching couldn’t fix their problem, there was nothing else I had to offer!

SMD Coaching Network

Then, along came coaching. When the Southern Missouri District Coaching Network offered this opportunity to take some classes, I jumped at it. The classes taught me how to be a better listener and how to help people discover things for themselves. I didn’t have to have all the answers! Coaching has given me the opportunity to invest in rural pastors and to see people’s lives enriched, encouraged and challenged. It has created intentional friendships and accountability. I have seen my clients have that “aha” moment as they have discovered areas of their ministry where they have been stuck in their thinking and actions. We have had powerful conversations about where they are and where God is leading them as they discover a passion for God and his work. Marriages, parenting, finances, church growth, personal growth, and decision-making are all a part of our sessions.

His Advice

Today, my advice is two-fold for all pastors: First, coaching is a great tool. With coaching you are not having to come up with all the answers for people – they get to discover that on their own.  Secondly, you need to have a coach of your own. It is amazing what happens when you start to unpack and confide in someone what you are thinking. You get action plans for your future! Progress is taking place. Hope is being renewed.

Go ahead. Give it a try today. It may change your life and your direction!

Greg ColegroveGreg Colegrove is a minister through Convoy of Hope Rural Compassion. He has been a part of the SMD Coaching Network since 2015. With his Assemblies of God Level 2 coaching certification, he has ministered to rural pastors in the District and enjoys investing in others for the glory of God. If you are interested in getting connecting with him, visit the SMD Coaching Network website. 

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