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Rhonda’s Story

Rhonda’s Story

Written by Rhonda Amer, SMD Network Coach ACC Level 1

I’ll never forget as a young single woman in my 20’s and 30’s, trying to make decisions, having a bout with depression, going to a counselor and him saying to me “Rhonda, you don’t need a counselor, you just need someone to talk things through with so you don’t always feel you are making big decisions alone.”

Fast forward to my becoming an SMD Coach a couple of years ago and I realized coaching would have made all the difference in the world for me. Most people are capable of coming to their own resolve, but just need some effective “coaching, tools, and confidence” to help them!  We ALL need a PLAN!

The right coach will ask proper questions designed to help YOU define top issues, set priorities, and create an action plan that can literally be life-changing.  There is nothing quite as gratifying as “coaching” someone through a situation, yet they are the one that actually came up with the solution. Coaching is all about “them” and their desired goals and results.

Coaching is a wonderful ministry tool and aligns perfectly with our District mission of Resource – Relationship – Renewal. God has a great purpose for everyone and equipped each with exactly what is needed for us to fulfill that purpose.

Rhonda Amer is the Business Administrator in the Southern Missouri District Council. She has been a part of the SMD Coaching Network since 2015. With the skills she has learned through the SMD Coaching Network, she has been able to minister to several individuals in the District, and is loving her coaching experience. We are happy to have her on our team! If you are interested in getting connecting with her, visit the SMD Coaching Network website. 

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