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Did you know that coaching has become the second fastest growing industry in the United States? It has become an integral part of our society. Through coaching, people across our country, have been given the opportunity to build relationships, gain self-confidence, and achieve success without doing it on their own.

According to CoachNet Global, a collaboration, and multiplication coach training organization, since 2015, there have been 500 individuals that have started their coaching journey. These students view coaching as a way to maximize potential, optimize work performance, and define strengths and weaknesses. It is a movement that has not only affected the business world, but it has also affected individuals that are in ministry. Approximately 50% of those 500 students were pastors in 52 different denominations. These individuals have pursued a coaching journey because of the impact it has made on their ability to minister to others. The leadership skills that they have gained have helped them balance their ministry and daily life at home, be an accountability to others, and better reach their communities for Christ.

Imagine if all of our ministers in the District began a coaching journey. Imagine the impact they could make on their ministry, their home, and in their personal walk with the Lord. In the July Issue of Developing a Coaching Culture, we will be featuring one of our coaches, Rhonda Amer, and she will be sharing her testimony on how coaching has transformed her ability to minister to others. We hope to see that just as men and women have shined in the coaching world across our country, we will start to witness more coaches be a part of the SMD Coaching Network.

SMD Coaching Network is dedicated to creating a coaching culture in our District. With the partnership of CoachNet Global, SMD Coaching Network can provide the proper coach training for ministers in our District. Please continue praying for this ministry, pray that many individuals from our district will begin joining the Network so that they may be equipped with the proper coaching skills to be a blessing to their communities.

If you are interested in learning more about the SMD Coaching Network, we would encourage you to visit our website and we will help you get started on your coaching journey.

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